Who We Are:

BCIS continues to serve the working poor and homeless who live and work in our local communities offering sack lunches, hygiene products, groceries, clothing, utility assistance, ID card assistance, CalFresh (food stamp) registration, mobile phone contracts as well as many other services.




"Compassionate, faith-based service to all in need."


"The intent of our organization is to provide care, compassion, food, clothing and other assistance to help people meet their daily needs and get back on their feet."


   Diverse Support - We seek to involve volunteers from multiple faith groups to operate, guide and support the organization.

 Sustainable Organization - We seek to develop and organize in a manner that can be efficiently reproduced in other locales.

     Resource Efficiency - We seek to fill needs while avoiding overlap or duplication of service offerings of other groups.



Needs differ from a week-to-week basis, so please see our How to Help Section and our Facebook page.

If you would like to help financially, use the donate button to donate through PayPal! Thank you in advance for your help. 

Interested in volunteering and becoming a part of the BCIS team? Swing by during our hours of operation!